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Durkan claims progress over remediating huge illegal waste tip near Londonderry

Words: Roger Milne

Environment minister Mark H Durkan claimed this week that his department was making significant progress in finding a remediation solution for the huge volume of illegally dumped waste at Mobuoy near Londonderry, which threatens the River Faughan.

The waste was deposited in and around a licensed recycling facility owned and run by City & Industrial Waste Ltd, with the majority of the waste being buried in sand and gravel pits.

The estimated volume of illegally disposed waste is now thought to be approximately one million cubic metres.

Durkan said: “A number of remediation options for the site have been identified and short-listed. However, further work is needed to evaluate these shortlisted options and develop an integrated remediation strategy for the site. This will take up to 12 months to deliver.”

He added: “The River Faughan, which is adjacent to this waste, is an important natural resource that needs to be protected and my Department has an extensive environmental monitoring programme in place to ensure that it remains protected.”