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Dundee identifies sites for 5,200 homes

Words: Roger Milne
Dundee / iStock-468622337

A report just published by Dundee City Council has identified a series of sites across the city that can accommodate more than 5,200 homes.

The document, part of the city’s latest development plan, includes major schemes like the 400 properties at Dykes of Gray, part of the Western Gateway proposals; a new development of 250 homes at Linlathen House, off Arbroath Road; 375 homes at the Central Waterfront and 110 properties at the former railyards site between Greenmarket and Seabraes, to the south of Perth Road.

Dundee's housing supply target figure has been set at an average build rate of 480 homes a year over the plan period, according to the report.

“This housing supply target is then increased by a margin of 10 per cent to provide a housing land requirement of 528 units per annum over the lifetime of the plan," the report continues.

"Over the 10-year plan period from 2019-2029, this amounts to a housing land requirement of 5,280 homes.”

The plans support the Tayplan housing supply target for the Dundee City Council area. Of the planned homes, 966 are on greenfield sites and a further 1,889 on brownfield sites.

Lynne Short, convener of the council’s city development committee, told the Dundee Evening Telegraph: “Dundee is an incredibly ambitious city at the moment and in this document we are showing this by providing opportunities for investors to come to the city and support our citizens in their accommodation needs. From inner-city brownfield sites and the Waterfront, to more suburban areas, we have tried to capture the housing and community opportunities that Dundee will need in the coming years.”

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