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Dublin co-living development tower triggers concern

Words: Roger Milne
Co-living / Shutterstock_292953437

A 506-bed co-living development with a tower of almost 50 metres tall – more than twice the Dublin City Council permitted height – has been proposed for a site beside the city’s Victorian fruit and vegetable market.

The Fruitmarket Partnership has applied to An Bord Pleanála for permission for a shared accommodation scheme of 360 bedrooms, with a total of 506 beds, in 61 “apartment clusters”, sharing kitchen and living facilities.

The fast-tracked scheme would be built in four blocks on two separate sites on Mary’s Lane and Halston Street in the city’s markets area, west of Capel Street. The four blocks would range in height up to 14 storeys or 49 metres, more than twice the 24m maximum allowed under the Dublin City Development Plan.

Concerns about the height of the scheme have been raised by the council, An Bord Pleanála and city councillors.

However, the developers pointed out the government’s building height guidelines in 2018 removed limits on heights in the city and overrides the city development plan.

The 14-storey building would, they said, “create a striking, landmark building that will act as the gateway to, and a catalyst for, the future regeneration of the area”.

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