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Draft Irish national landscape strategy published

Words: Roger Milne

Jimmy Deenihan, the Republic of Ireland’s minister for arts, heritage and the Gaeltacht, has published a Draft National Landscape Strategy for consultation. It is planned to cover the period up to 2024.

The proposed strategy will be used to ensure compliance with the European Landscape Convention as ratified by Ireland in 2002.

It has established principles for protecting and enhancing the landscape while managing its change. The core of the document is a high level policy framework designed to achieve a balance between the management, planning and protection of the landscape by way of supporting actions.

It sets out six core objectives which include landscape character assessment, education, awareness and strengthening public participation. These objectives are in turn supported by nineteen actions in the strategy.

The minister insisted: “The core objective of the strategy is to allow for the sustainable management of change and is not about the freezing of the landscape at a particular point in its continuing evolution while anticipating and managing challenges between present and emerging land uses.”