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Derbyshire council backs 1,800 homes in Clowne

Words: Laura Edgar
Planning permission approved / iStock: 67562923

Bolsover District Council’s planning committee has approved an application that includes up to 1,800 on partly green belt land to the north of Clowne.

The application, which was submitted by developer Waystone Ltd, also comprises up to 24 hectares of employment land, green infrastructure, a retirement village, education, recreational and health facilities, and the demolition of the existing Station Road Industrial Estate where applicable.

A new link road will be constructed.

The planning officer’s report notes that the site does not accord with the district’s local plan because it lies outside of the defined Settlement Framework for Clowne.

However, it “does not address key sustainability issues affecting Clowne such as an absence of capacity in primary education, the capacity of the transport network to support future developments, the availability of local employment opportunities and long-term housing needs beyond the immediacy of five-year supply”.

Therefore the officer concluded that it is “appropriate to consider” the emerging local plan, which plans for the growth over the next 15 years. In this, Clowne is identified as the “preferred option” for development despite encroachment on the green belt.

The planning committee’s decision was line with that of the officer.

Approval comes with a number of conditions and will see contributions made to local infrastructure.

A statement on the council’s website says it will refer the application to the secretary of state to determine whether the application will be called in for further consideration.

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