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Decrease in new affordable homes

Words: Laura Edgar

The number of new detached houses increased in 2014, while the number of new affordable homes dropped, according to the National House Building Council’s Annual New Homes Statistics Review 2014 (pdf).

The number of detached homes registered with NHBC last year increased by 24 per cent, with 38,113 being built compared with 30,849 in 2013. Additionally, the figures show that the number of semi-detached homes registered increased by 12 per cent to 31,650.

Overall, the number of properties registered increased by 9 per cent, from 133,670 in 2013, to 145,174 last year. NHBC statistics reveal that in the final quarter of 2014, 38,157 properties were registered.

NHBC registration figures

* Yorkshire and Humber: 24 per cent increase

* West Midlands: 16 per cent increase

* Wales: 33 per cent increase

* Scotland: 9 per cent increase

* Northern Ireland: 17 per cent increase

* London: 10 per cent increase

Although private sector housing may have increased by 13 per cent in 2014 compared with 2013, the volume of public sector properties being registered decreased by 4 per cent. The report says this could be because of funding changes to the Affordable Homes Programme.

NHBC chief executive Mike Quinton said: “We are encouraged to see that overall house-building levels grew by 9 per cent last year - building on the strong volumes registered in 2013. The regions were the big drivers of growth in 2014, showing that the recovery is no longer centred in London and the South-East.

"It looks like the detached home is making a comeback, with our figures showing that house builders are building the highest number of detached properties for a decade, with semis also performing well. Following an oversupply of flats outside London over the last decade, the growth in detached homes is restoring balance to the country's housing stock to meet the diverse needs of the UK population.”

Quinton added that the UK is still building fewer homes than before the economic downturn. “With the general election just three months away, it is therefore very encouraging that housing remains a top priority for all the main parties," he concluded.