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Decline in the number of decisions granted by councils

Words: Laura Edgar
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In the year ending September 2020, district-level planning authorities in England granted 311,800 decisions, a decline of 12 per cent compared with the year ending September 2019.

This is according to statistics published by the Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government (MHCLG) in December 2020.

Breaking that down, district councils granted 40,400 decisions on residential development. Of these, 5,200 were for major developments, down 14 per cent on a year earlier, and 35,300 were for minor developments, down 11 per cent on the year ending September 2019.

A regional breakdown
 Applications receivedDecisionsDecisions granted% of decisions granted
North East3,3002,8002,60095
North West 11,1008,8008,10092
Yorkshire and the Humber8,9007,5006,80090
East Midlands8,3007,0006,40090
West Midlands8,4007,1006,50091
East of England14,00012,10010,20085
South East 20,50017,90015,80088
South West 12,90011,20010,30092
National parks*1,9001,6001,50089

In total, 398,600 planning applications were submitted to district councils in the year ending September 2020. This is 9 per cent less than the number submitted a year earlier.

Between July and September 2020, district-level planning authorities received 106,200 applications seeking planning permission, the same as the corresponding quarter in 2019, the statistical release states. They reported 90,300 decisions for planning applications during this period, 12 per cent less than the 103,100 decisions made in the same period a year earlier.

District councils granted 79,300 decisions, a decline of 13 per cent compared with a year earlier. The release states that the 82 per cent of major and minor decisions were granted, down one percentage point from the period July to September 2019.

The statistical release – Planning applications in England: July to September 2020 – can be found on the UK Government website (pdf).

* National parks are counted separately from each region: a few national parks straddle more than one region.

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