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DCO reporting stage extended for Sizewell C

Words: Laura Edgar
Delays / Xtock, Shutterstock_279898343

Lee Rowley, the parliamentary under-secretary of state for energy, has announced the extension of the report writing stage of the examination of the Sizewell C Project by six weeks.

The application for the nuclear power project was submitted by NNB Generation Company (SZC) Limited, a subsidiary of EDF Energy.

The development consent order application is for a non-offshore generating station with a capacity of more than 50 megawatts. It is being considered under the Nationally Significant Infrastructure Project (NSIP) regime.

Located on the Suffolk coast, it would be situated at Sizewell, next to the existing Sizewell B power station and decommissioning Sizewell A power station.

The Planning Inspectorate (PINs), as the examining authority, has requested that the report writing stage of the examination be extended by six working weeks, from 14 January 2022 to 25 February 2022.

In a written ministerial statement, Rowley explains that the reasons for the request were that a “significant number of change requests were submitted by the applicant during the pre-examination and examination stages of the planning process”.

The changes require “significant additional consideration”. Unexpected health issues at PINs have affected the reporting stage.

Rowley says the energy secretary decided to reset the statutory timescale for the report writing stage, which will now end on 25 February. “However, mindful of the need to avoid unnecessary delays to the development consent processes, the secretary of state requests the examining authority make best efforts to complete its report as soon as is reasonably practicable within the extended period,” he writes.

The written statement can be found here on the UK Parliament website.

More information about the project can be found on the Planning Inspectorate NSIP website.

Image credit | Xtock, Shutterstock