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DCO application submitted for Wylfa Newydd

Words: Laura Edgar
Wylfa Newydd CGI / Horizon Nuclear Power

Horizon Nuclear Power has submitted a Development Consent Order (DCO) application to the Planning Inspectorate (PINS) for its nuclear power station project Wylfa Newydd.

The power station is planned for the Isle of Anglesey. Proposals comprise building two reactors with a combined capacity of 2.9 gigawatts.

The company’s submission comprises 41,000 pages, 440 documents and 400 drawings, laying out its plans for the power station and the required associated works.

Horizon has also submitted applications for a Marine Licence, Operations Combustion permit, Operation Water Discharge permit and a Construction Water Discharge permit from Natural Resources Wales.

In a statement on the company’s website, it said “Horizon has sought to demonstrate that it has developed a robust design and assessed its environmental impacts across the power station facilities and associated developments and, where possible, eliminated, reduced or mitigated these impacts”.

Earlier this week (4 June), energy secretary Greg Clark said in a statement to Parliament that Horizon owners Hitachi and the UK Government have entered into negotiations in relation to the Wylfa Newydd project.

“This is an important next step for the project, although no decision has been yet taken to proceed, and the successful conclusion of these negotiations will of course be subject to full government, regulatory and other approvals, including but not limited to value for money, due diligence and State Aid requirements,” Clark said.

The DCO application was submitted on 1 June. The Planning Inspectorate now has 28 days to decide whether or not to accept the application for examination.

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Image credit | Horizon Nuclear Power