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DCLG proposes Planning Act refinements

Words: Roger Milne
DCLG proposes Planning Act refinements

The Department of Communities and Local Government (DCLG) has announced how it plans to change the nationally significant infrastructure planning regime established by the Planning Act 2008.

This follows a consultation exercise last year.
In May, the Planning Inspectorate will publish a prospectus setting out the services it can offer during the pre-application period.
An advice note on drafting Development Consent Orders is promised in October.
Over the coming months, PINs and officials from DCLG will issue improved guidance on such matters as preliminary environmental information and changes in land ownership.
In addition, DCLG has pledged moves to improve and bring greater clarity to the pre-examination and examination process, including allowing the appointment of two inspectors and clearer guidance on Statements of Common Ground.
As well there will be a new process for making changes to Development Consent Orders post consent.
The reforms will be implemented by April 2015, the department has pledged.