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DAS guidance published in Wales

Words: Laura Edgar

The Welsh Government has written to planners and other interested parties in Wales informing them that a guide on design and access statements has been published online.

Design and Access Statements in Wales: Why, What and How has been produced by the Design Commission for Wales on behalf of the Welsh Government, following legislative changes on the requirements for design and access (DAS) in April 2016.

The document outlines the benefits of undertaking DAS, including schemes that do not require one under legislation.

It gives advice on what should and should not be included in a DAS, guidance on a suggested structure and the issues a DAS should contain and address.

The document also includes advice for local planning authority planners when assessing a DAS, on the questions to ask to ascertain if a robust design process has been undertaken and whether design quality is evident.

This guidance will replace all previous Welsh Government guidance on DAS.

The guidance can be found here on the Welsh Government website.

Image credit | Shutterstock