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Crown Estate Scotland’s blueprint targets coastal development

Words: Roger Milne
Sango Bay beach at Durness / iStock-461898059

Crown Estate Scotland has announced proposals to invest £70 million over the next three years in a coastal community fund, commercial-scale offshore wind leasing, and a raft of new ways of producing food on land and at sea.

These initiatives are highlighted in a corporate plan, just published, which sets out how the organisation will manage sea, land and coastline for the benefit of Scotland’s communities and businesses.

The plan provides a blueprint for the organisation – operating under new legislation that focuses on sustainable development – to continue delivering wider value for Scotland.  

The public sector body, established in 2017, works across the seabed, coastline, rural estates and spans key sectors including offshore renewables, aquaculture, farming and ports and harbours. Its activities affect thousands of people and businesses.

Key objectives of the blueprint include supporting the expansion of Scotland’s blue economy, focusing on marine and coastal development and developing a built environment that strengthens communities and benefits businesses.

The coastal communities fund will focus on the development of ports and harbours, boat-based tourism and coastal development land.

Crown Estate Scotland chair Amanda Bryan said: “Over the coming years we want to invest in property, natural resources and people to generate lasting value.

“From growing shellfish to new ways of farming, regenerating coastal communities to building Scotland’s blue economy, our focus will be sustainable growth that benefits all and helps build a net zero emissions economy.”

The corporate plan can be found on the Crown Estate Scotland website. 

Image credit | iStock