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Crossrail 2 is vital for growth of London, says Mayor

Words: Laura Edgar
Crossrail 1

Mayor of London Boris Johnson has set out the case for a £20 billion Crossrail 2, explaining that a link from the south-west of the capital to the north-east is vital to support the growth of the city.

In a speech at the City Age conference on Tuesday 28 October, Johnson argued that even with the modernisation the London Underground is currently undergoing and the delivery of Crossrail 1, a second crossrail is vital to cope with the population growth predicted for the city - forecast to reach 10 million by 2030.

Furthermore, by 2050, demand on the Underground will increase by 60 per cent and by 80 per cent on the national rail network when compared with current usage figures.

It is thought that the arrival of High Speed Rail 2 in the early 2030s will increase the pressure on the Underground, with the potential for 30-minute queues at Euston to access the Victoria Line in the morning rush without a second crossrail. Therefore, Crossrail 2 is designed to alleviate rail capacity constraints in the south-west as well as providing new connections across the capital to help support economic growth and a reduction in journey times.

Johnson said he is confident that London can contribute more than half of the cost of Crossrail 2, which would reduce the demand on the UK taxpayer.

A recent public consultation revealed that more than 80 per cent of people support plans for a second crossrail.

Johnson explained that Crossrail 2 will not only benefit people who live in the city but also those who travel to and from London each day.

“With London’s population soon to surpass its previous 1939 peak of 8.6 million, and with more people travelling by Tube and rail than ever before, we need additional rail capacity to support future growth.

“For the capital to remain globally competitive there needs to be continued investment in our transport network and that’s why we have to get cracking on planning for Crossrail 2. It’s an essential infrastructure project that will deliver thousands of new homes and jobs, as well as helping to keep our great city moving.”

Michele Dix, Transport for London’s managing director of planning, said that funding options needed to be identified now in order to safeguard the proposed route, engaging with local authorities and communities.

Crossrail 2, estimated to cost £20 billion, will also spur on the creation of up to 200,000 homes across London and help transport up to 90,000 people into Central London in the morning peak hours.

Image courtesy of the Department for Transport