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Covid-19 recovery blueprint includes focus on town centres

Words: Roger Milne
Blueprint / Shutterstock_1805814106

The Welsh Government has published a blueprint setting out its priorities for a Covid-19 recovery strategy that includes a focus on town centre investment and low-carbon housing. 

The package of proposals will be bankrolled by £320 million of fresh funding. 

A Strategic Sites Acquisition Fund will be launched to enable local authorities to acquire land and high street premises in local town centres in order to revitalise centres that may see increased footfall as more people work from home for some or all of the time. 

Also promised is a co-investment scheme to enhance the attractiveness of town centres. This will focus in its initial stages on enhancing green space.

In a bid to improve the environment in town and city centres, ministers have confirmed that they will press ahead with pilot projects designating 20mph zones.

The blueprint commits the administration to step up construction of council and social housing. This will involve investing in low-carbon housing “at scale” and upgrading housing stock to make it more energy efficient.

The package of measures and policies set out in the blueprint includes support for young people, expanded enrolment for extra places in further education and digital devices to help learners to access their courses. More capital investment in schools and primary care facilities is promised.

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