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Covid-19 knocks back Irish social housing schemes

Words: Roger Milne
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Irish minister for housing and local government Darragh O’Brien admitted this week that Covid-19 was having a significantly adverse impact on the provision of social housing both in terms of households helped and the provision of new units.

The latest statistics on social housing showed that significantly fewer households were helped during the first two quarters this year.

Fewer than 10,000 households were supported under existing build, acquisition and leasing arrangements. That represented 35 per cent of the total expected delivery this year.

That included just 1,467 built, acquired or leased homes, which is well below the level that would have been expected at the mid-way stage of the year.

The minister said: “These figures show that delivery of social housing has been very much impacted by the outbreak of Covid-19.

“We have a goal to provide housing support to some 27,500 households this year, and despite a challenging first half, I am committed to delivering on that.”

He added: “This government has committed to delivering 50,000 social homes under the Programme for Government and I want a very strong focus of that to be on new-build. I want to really see ambition and innovation from local authorities to deliver at scale on their own land.”

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