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Coveney claims quicker planning for major housing projects under fast-track regime

Words: Roger Milne
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Irish housing and planning minister Simon Coveney has told the Dail’s housing committee that the new temporary fast-track planning regime for major housing schemes would reduce significantly the time such projects are in planning.

He insisted that the time needed for An Bord Pleanála to handle developments of 100 or more new homes, and large-scale student developments, could be as much as 75 per cent less than under the existing conventional regime.

Coveney explained: “Under the new procedures, the Bord will be required to complete pre-planning application consultations regarding proposed developments with the concerned developers and the relevant local authority within nine weeks of receipt of request, and subsequently will be required to make a final determination in respect of planning applications for developments within 16 weeks of receipt of the planning application.”

He told TDs: “This will potentially result in planning decisions in respect of such large-scale residential developments being made within 25 weeks of the commencement of formal pre-application consultations with the Bord."

This is in comparison with the "current two-stage planning application process which can in certain circumstances take up to two years from initial design concept stage to securing ultimate approval”.

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