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Corbyn pledges massive green energy drive

Words: Huw Morris
Corbyn pledges massive green energy drive

A future Labour government would cut emissions by 60 per cent and create more than 400,000 skilled jobs through a policy for green energy, the party’s leader has promised.

Jeremy Corbyn said a Labour government would make the UK “the only developed country outside Scandinavia to be on track to meet our climate change obligations”.

He told the party’s annual conference in Liverpool of his plans to reduce greenhouse gas emissions to zero by the middle of the century by kick-starting a “green jobs revolution” to provide sustainable energy and skilled jobs in every part of the UK.

“I know that sounds ambitious,” Corbyn said. “It is ambitious and will be delivered with the most far-reaching programme of investment and transformation in decades.”

Earlier, shadow business secretary Rebecca Long Bailey said the party’s energy plans include a seven-fold increase in offshore wind power to more than 7,000 turbines, doubling onshore wind power and tripling solar power.

She also pledged that a Labour government would introduce a raft of measures to reinvigorate the nation’s high streets and tackle the 25,000 retail and leisure premises lying empty across the country.

A planning commission would help create policies to “revitalise our high streets, tackle climate change and environmental protection as well as giving communities a stronger voice to shape their areas”.

An “emergency five-point plan” would also ban ATM charges, halt Post Office closures, provide free bus travel for under-25s, deliver free public Wi-Fi in town centres and establish a register of landlords of empty shops in each local authority.

Other pledges unveiled at the conference include a levy on second homes, which Corbyn described as “a solidarity fund for those with two homes to help those without any home at all”. He added that a future Labour government would “embark on the biggest home building programme in half a century”.

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