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Corbyn pledges major investment drive

Words: Huw Morris
Jeremy Corbyn / Shutterstock_411709003

A future Labour government will invest heavily in former mining communities to tackle poverty.

Jeremy Corbyn said a government led by him would also see a return to regional development agencies, step up investment in renewable energy, and overturn the recent cancellation of rail electrification schemes.

Speaking on BBC1’s The Andrew Marr Show, the Labour leader said “precious little investment” in former mining areas in the past 30 years had led to “low-quality jobs, low pay and real poverty”.

He added: “That’s because there’s been a lack of government involvement, a lack of public involvement.

“So we will set up a national investment bank, we will have regional development agencies, we will invest in all those areas.”

Corbyn also pledged to invest in new industries, including a “much bigger renewable sector” and that rail modernisation schemes would go ahead under a Labour government.

“We would not be cancelling Crossrail for the North, we would not be cancelling main line electrification, we would not be cancelling electrification in the South West.”

Image credit | Shutterstock