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Corbyn demands fracking ban to meet net zero carbon target

Words: Huw Morris
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Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn has called on the government to ban fracking after claiming the process will kill off any chance of the UK meeting its net zero carbon target.

Corbyn accused the government of "bending the knee" to fracking companies at the expense of the UK's environment.

The party unveiled an analysis which claimed that if the UK exploits all its shale gas reserves this would release 7,485 megatonnes of CO2, equivalent to the total emissions the UK would emit from now until 2050 on a net zero trajectory.

"We need urgent action to tackle the climate emergency, and that means the prime minister immediately banning fracking once and for all," Corbyn added.

Cuadrilla, which operates the UK’s operational exploration site at Preston New Road in Lancashire, called on Labour to abandon its support for importing gas and exporting UK jobs and instead back an alternative plan by 2050.

It pointed to the Committee on Climate Change’s report in May that forecast around 70 per cent today’s gas demand would still exist in 2050.

“The Labour Party has made it very clear that it opposes UK shale as a supply source for our required natural gas, but appears to have no policy or plan for where the UK’s gas supply should instead come from,” said Cuadrilla chief executive Francis Egan. “We can only assume that it favours continued and increasing long-distance gas imports.”

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