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Contaminated land concern for Anglesey housing estate

Words: Roger Milne

The Isle of Anglesey County Council has announced a ground survey of more than a hundred homes at the Craig-y-Don Estate in Amlwch.

The study is to check if they might have been contaminated by a smelting copper works that was in the area more than 200 years ago.

During the 19th century the town was the world’s primary copper producer. Before the estate was built in the early 1950s the site was home to a chemical works manufacturing fertilizer.

In a statement, the council said soil samples would be taken from residents’ gardens over the coming months to check what – if any – contamination is present underneath the area.

The council has already written to families living at Craig-y-Don to inform them that it currently has no evidence of any contamination in the ground but pointed out it has a responsibility to investigate and assess sites with previous historical uses that could possibly have caused contamination.

Funding from the Welsh government has allowed the council to appoint specialist environmental consultants to undertake the survey work.

Council leader Llinos Medi insisted: “We currently have no evidence of any contamination in the land and the survey is a precautionary measure.

 “I realise that this will raise concerns amongst residents, but I also want to reassure them that the council will do everything it can to ensure appropriate support and guidance until this matter is resolved.”

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