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Consultants appointed for Knottingley masterplan

Words: Laura Edgar
Knottingley, Wakefield / Shutterstock_1133176061

Wakefield Council has appointed planning consultancy Lichfields to prepare a masterplan that guides the development of Knottingley and Ferrybridge.

The masterplan is expected to produce recommendations on potential sustainable development sites for housing and transport. This includes a new relief road for Knottingley.

It should inform residents and the Wakefield Council’s aspirations to support retail in the town centre, as well as tackle congestion and provide advice on how to make better use of existing waterways.

Tom Stannard, corporate director for economic growth and regeneration at the council, said: “The revitalisation of this area is not an overnight job. It will take a significant investment in time, expertise, patience and money. Local residents, businesses and students have together with the council developed the 10-year vision, which we are currently implementing and for which we expect to attract around £50 million in investment.

“Of the more than 90 projects designed to revitalise the town, nearly two-thirds are quick wins which we aim to deliver within two years, amounting to an investment of more than £3 million.”

A first draft of the masterplan is expected to be ready for public consultation by 31 January 2020, with the final report scheduled to be ready by 31 March 2020.

Lichfields will be supported by landscape architects Gillespies and transport consultants Systra.

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