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Consent for key Cardiff city centre redevelopment

Words: Roger Milne
Brains Brewery, Cardiff / Shutterstock_578982013

The initial phase of the regeneration of the Brains Brewery site in the heart of the capital has been approved by the city council.

Ultimately this six-hectare strategic city centre brownfield location is intended to be home to what is known as the Central Quay project, a key element of Cardiff's Central Enterprise Zone and Regional Transport Hub plans.

Well over 110,000 square metres of offices, 600 flats, a 200-bed hotel, a new campus for Cardiff Metropolitan University and the infrastructure for the delivery of a new metro system are involved in this scheme.

The first phase, on a 2.2-hectare site, comprises an 11-storey fan-shaped office building known as The Ledger. It will provide 25,735 square metres of floorspace, a multistorey car park with 695 vehicle spaces and a new tree-lined public square. Other plans for The Ledger include a market, cafe and a gym.

A report to the council’s planning committee said the proposals “deliver a significant quantum of office space that unlocks the future development of the area by accommodating the future growth of Central Station and the redevelopment of the wider area”.

Image credit | Shutterstock