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Compulsory purchase reforms to boost Welsh housing supply

Words: Roger Milne
Empty homes / Shutterstock_131120936

Welsh ministers want to give local councils stronger compulsory purchase powers over vacant land and redundant buildings to increase the supply of housing.

There are an estimated 30,000 empty homes in Wales, while only seven local planning authorities have enough land in their areas to provide a five-year supply for housing.

The Welsh Government believes that compulsory purchase powers are an important tool for local planning authorities and other public bodies to assemble the land they need to help deliver environmental, social and economic change.

Minister for housing and local government Julie James said: “In towns and villages across Wales we see empty homes, former commercial properties and vacant land, which can often be a huge blight on local communities.

“This government is determined to do all it can to help build the homes people want and help create jobs closer to people’s homes.

“So the proposals we are making for the CPO process will help local councils deliver this vision by transforming empty houses and vacant land into the homes and places of work people need.”

This initiative is currently the subject of consultation, as are proposals to make planning fees more cost-reflective.

The administration is consulting on measures to amend the existing fee levels for planning and related applications as well as introducing for the first time a fee for Certificates of Appropriate Alternative Development.

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