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Communities to have direct say in the design of their areas in Scotland

Words: Roger Milne

The Scottish Government this week launched two funds to allow people to have a direct role in making their towns and villages better places to live.

These initiatives let communities map out the future of their towns with design experts.

Funding of £300,000 is available across two grant schemes – the Design Charrettes programme and the Activating Ideas Fund.

Charrettes bring together the public, stakeholders and designers over a number of days to draw up viable proposals, while the Activating Ideas Fund will support participation and empowerment initiatives in disadvantaged areas.

Local government and planning minister Kevin Stewart said: “The quality of our places has an important influence on our lives. This government is committed to empowering communities and involving them in the planning process.

“Local communities have a wealth of knowledge about their local area. Bringing communities together with design expertise will enable ideas and proposals to be developed to deliver positive change. This initiative provides a way of enabling people across Scotland to have their say on the long- term future of their community.”

To date the administration has supported over 40 design charrettes.

Image credit | iStock