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Cleaning up huge illegal tip near Derry could cost £100m

Words: Roger Milne

Remediation strategies for the Mobuoy Road illegal waste site near Derry could cost between £20 million and £100 million, it has emerged.

Removal, containment and on site treatment of the waste at the site have been proposed as possible remediation options.

Environment minister Michelle McIlveen has told the assembly that the environmental risk assessment of the 47-hectare site was now complete.

She said the next stage of the exercise would involve developing “a costed remediation strategy detailing the remediation treatments that must be implemented at the site to meet clean up targets and thus protect the River Faughan and the wider environment.”

McIlveen said the work would begin this month and is expected to be completed “by the end of spring 2017”.

The estimated volume of controlled waste illegally disposed at the site is reported to be a minimum of 913,105 cubic metres. An estimated additional 252,050 cubic metres of controlled waste is present in the former licensed landfill, much of which had been deposited illegally.

McIlveen added that the removal of waste is only one of three remediation options available.

“At this stage, best case and worst case cost estimates have been provided for each remediation option. The minimum estimated costs, in the region of £20 million, reflect those for the containment option. The maximum estimated costs are for the excavation and disposal option, and are in excess of £100 million,” the minister explained in a written answer.

Image credit | Shuttershock