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Civil servants give the go-ahead to major Belfast office scheme

Words: Roger Milne
Office space / iStock-628265890

Northern Irish civil servants have approved another regionally significant development. It comprises one of the biggest office schemes ever proposed for the capital.

Belfast Harbour’s City Quays 3 development will provide nearly 24,000 square metres of grade A office accommodation on a site near the M3, close to both Clarendon Dock and Clarendon Quay.

The £46 million 16-storey project in the harbour area will be a new neighbour for the AC Marriott Hotel and the City Quays 2 building.

The Department for Infrastructure insisted that “the proposed office building would be compatible with the area given the recent developments of similar design at City Quays”.

The department has issued a notice of opinion to approve permission. New powers granted to civil servants in November mean that opinions can now be officially adopted in the absence of a minister.

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