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City council submits Edinburgh LDP for scrutiny

Words: Roger Milne
Edinburgh / Shutterstock_216865126

Edinburgh City Council yesterday (14 May) approved the latest version of its Local Development Plan (LDP) for examination by a reporter to be appointed by the Scottish Government.

When the city’s planning committee met to endorse this move it agreed a motion to set out the merits of options for changes to housing site provision in the strategy - decisions on which will be left to the judgment of the reporter.

Ian Perry, convener of the committee, said: “The council needs to allocate land to allow much-needed housing to be delivered for the city. While we are keen to ensure that brownfield land is developed first, it is necessary to identify some new green field sites in a growing city.

“It is therefore very important that the LDP is now moved to the next stage. This has been a difficult decision, but it is important that we move towards providing certainty for local communities and developers.”

Once Edinburgh's LDP is adopted it will replace two existing local plans.

Developers say the current draft plan falls 6,500 homes short.

The decision to submit the LDP for examination comes as the capital awaits decisions on proposals for hundreds of new homes, including a controversial green belt scheme at Cammo to be determined by Scottish ministers.