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Cheshire council seeks to bypass newts, bats and ancient woodland

Words: Huw Morris
Bats / Shutterstock_606215681

A Cheshire council is seeking a contractor to build a major bypass and overcome challenges presented by newts, bats and ancient woodland.

Cheshire East Council has published a notice in the Official Journal of the European Union (OJEU) for a contractor to build the 5.7km A536 Congleton Link Road in a bid to cut congestion and air pollution in the nearby town.

The bypass will pass beneath another road in an area with a high water table and will be cut some 8 metres deep into mudstone in a 25 metre-high escarpment before crossing the River Dane on an 85 metre bridge and land on a 12 metre-high embankment founded on piled alluvium.

The scheme also has around 3.5km of realigned or new local roads and significant amounts of landscaping and environmental mitigation works to accommodate Great Crested Newts, bats and ancient woodland, according to the OJEU notice.

The road will run to the north of Congleton between the A534 Sandbach Road in the West and the A536 Macclesfield Road to the North East.

The total value of the contract is put at £58 million and is expected to last seven years.

Further details are available on the Tenders Electronic Daily website.

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