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Central Dublin car ban mooted in transport strategy

Words: Roger Milne

Consultation has just begun into an ambitious plan to ban cars and taxis from the centre of the capital after transport officials insisted that the road network will not cope with expected congestion by 2023.

Unless road space is reallocated in favour of public transport the centre of Dublin faces gridlock within eight years, says the Dublin City Centre Transport Plan drawn up by the city council and the National Transport Authority.

The proposed strategy controversially intends banning taxis and private cars from some heavily trafficked routes including College Green, closing some streets to all traffic, and introducing public transport hubs where buses, the Luas tram, bikes and trains are readily accessible.

It aims to make the city more attractive for walkers, cyclists and public transport users, while also improving air quality and reducing noise.

Taxi drivers and car park owners have already expressed concerns about the proposals.

The city council expects to spend some €150 million on a range of sustainable transport projects including bus infrastructure, cycling and walking schemes and continued roll-out of Real Time Passenger Information systems. Three new dockland bridges – including a new roadbridge linking Thorncastle Road (Ringsend) to Sir John Rogerson’s Quay - are proposed,