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Cash boost to improve transport connectivity in the South East

Words: Laura Edgar
Chris Grayling / Chris McAndrew

Transport secretary Chris Grayling has announced that £2 million will go into regional transport organisations in the south-east of England to help them to develop strategies to improve journeys.

The money will go to sub-national transport bodies England’s Economic Heartland and Transport for the South East so that transport plans are fit for their regions.

The transport plans aim to allow people to influence government investment decisions at a more regional level, filling the gap between national and local transport authorities, the government explained.

Grayling said the money will “help us build the modern and effective links our country needs, improving journey times, boosting housing development and economic growth, and getting people and goods where they need to be faster, safely and more comfortably”.

“Investing in England’s Economic Heartland and Transport for the South East means that those best placed to make decisions have our support to put forward ambitious proposals for the future. We will continue to work closely with these organisations as they develop transport strategies to help their regions seize their potential.”

Keith Glazier, chairman of Transport for the South East, added: “This is a great step forward for our region’s transport system and all the people who rely on it. We’re grateful to the Department for Transport for this vote of confidence in Transport for the South East and in the work we’re doing with them to ensure we have an innovative and efficient network for decades to come.”

Both Transport for the South East and England’s Economic Heartland are looking to follow in the footsteps of England’s first sub-national transport body, Transport for-the North, which became a statutory body on 1 April 2018.

Image credit | Chris McAndrew