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Cash boost for offshore floating wind development

Words: Laura Edgar
Wind turbine / Shutterstock_71491516

The Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy (BEIS) has announced that £60 million in public and private investment will go towards developing new technologies so that turbines can be installed at the windiest parts of the UK’s coastline.

Eleven projects will be awarded up to £10 million. The government is contributing £31.6 million, with the energy industry matching the investment.

The money will enable further research into and development of floating offshore wind across the UK to accelerate the deployment of turbines in the sea. The research will focus on areas such as how turbines are moored to the seabed, undersea cabling and developing foundation solutions.

Energy minister Greg Hands said: “We are already a world leader in offshore wind and floating technology is key to unlocking the full potential of the seas around Britain.

“These innovative projects will help us expand renewable energy further and faster across the UK and help to reduce our exposure to volatile global gas prices.”

A project to receive £9.6 million has bases in Edinburgh, Belfast, London and Doncaster. It is developing new technologies for mooring floating turbines to the seabed, cable protection, a floating turbine base design and an advanced digital monitoring system.

A second project will receive £10 million for bringing forward a compact floating turbine foundation and anchors that could enable a 2MW, or larger, turbine to be laid in UK waters. It has bases in Cambridge, Feltham, Aberdeen and Blyth.

The government funding is part of the Floating Offshore Wind Demonstration Programme.

Image credit| Shutterstock