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Cars to be banned from Tottenham Court Road

Words: Sam Waddicor

Cars and lorries are to be banned from Tottenham Court Road in a £25m revamp of the West End street.

Camden Council has unveiled extensive development plans for London's Tottenham Court road and its surrounding area. Plans include widening pavements and replacing the existing one-way system on both Tottenham Court Road and Gower Street.

Under the plans, Tottenham Court Road will be accessible to pedestrians, buses and cyclists only, Monday to Saturday from 8am–7pm. Cars, taxis and loading will be allowed on short sections of the street but only via side roads. Wider pavements and new crossings will be installed to make the streets safer for pedestrians. In addition to removing traffic, there are plans to make the area more cyclist-friendly with a protected cycle lane on Gower Street and the opening of new routes connecting the area to Bloomsbury and Fitzrovia.

There are also plans to create four new public spaces. One of these will be a pedestrianised area at the foot of Centre Point to combine with the Tottenham Court Road Crossrail station. Another will be a new park built at Alfred Place, located about half way up Tottenham Court Road.

Cllr Phil Jones, minister with responsibility for transport said: “We’re aiming to make journeys quicker and safer, as well as creating a more attractive place for people to enjoy. We want to hear from local residents and businesses as part of our consultation to help us deliver a project which everyone can benefit from.”

Public consultation on the plans will run from 9 June until 18 July.