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Carmarthenshire County Council to set up its own housing company

Words: Roger Milne

Carmarthenshire County Council decided this week to set-up a council-owned housing company to build a mix of new affordable homes for sale and rent, with a focus on rural areas.

Councillors and officials will now prepare a detailed business plan and directors will be appointed, paving the way for the new company to start planning for new developments in 2018. 

Initially the council is expecting to invest between £50 and £60 million to build around 500 new homes in and around Carmarthen, and at Crosshands, South Llanelli and at other locations.

The new company is intended to help more local people to get a foot on the property ladder and will support local developers and building firms. The council’s current housing stock will not be affected and will remain in-house.

Councillor Linda Evans, executive board member for housing, said: “We want to be able to take advantage of the skills of local companies and develop small sites in rural areas to help meet demand for homes away from the main urban areas – something that doesn’t seem to be happening by big private sector developers now.”

She added: “We want to be proactive and creative in meeting the demand for affordable homes, whilst supporting the council’s wider regeneration objectives.”

Image credit / Huw Rhys