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Cardiff City Deal makes political waves

Words: Roger Milne
Cardiff / iStock_000012921069

Politicians this week lined up in Parliament to support the idea of a Cardiff City Deal highlighted in Wednesday’s Summer Budget announcements.

On Monday junior Welsh Office minister Alun Cairns, the Conservative MP who represents the Vale of Glamorgan constituency, told the Commons that he hoped that moves to cut back the number of Welsh local authorities would not have an adverse impact on the negotiations over the deal.

He told MPs: “The Welsh Government has proposed local authority changes in recent weeks. These are naturally likely to raise issues between councils, but I do not want those to detract or distract from the opportunity of the city deal.”

Earlier, he insisted: “We are keen to work with all partners to help to secure the city deal. It is important to underline the need for joint working between local authorities themselves."

He stressed that Cardiff was central to the city deal, but welcomed that the leaders of authorities such as Blaenau Gwent and Monmouthshire were enthusiastic.

“These authorities are a little further away than many from the centre of Cardiff, but see the potential that the city deal offers their areas. That demonstrates that all authorities should play a part and that this is genuinely benefiting the region.

“I hope that some of the authorities that have not yet have been so engaged can take the lead from places like Blaenau Gwent and Monmouthshire.

“This is not about competition with the next authority - it is about creating a larger cake in which we can all share,” he said.