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Cardiff cable car project mooted to link bay, Penarth and the city centre

Words: Roger Milne
Cardiff Bay

An ambitious project to create a cable-car scheme linking Cardiff Bay, Penarth and the city centre is being drawn up by engineering consultancy URS.

The £100 million scheme could carry as many as 2,500 passengers every hour along a five-mile route, according to a feasibility study carried out for Cardiff Business Council.

Nigel Roberts, chairman of the CBC, said: “We’ve been thinking and talking about this for the past 18 months. There are discussions in Cardiff of having a new tram system, monorail or bendy buses.

“Why not dream a bit bigger and go for cable cars? It would be phenomenal. There would be fantastic views across to the Devon coast and up the Bristol Channel. But it’s also a practical solution for commuters.”

The idea is to have cable cars running to and from the city centre, main station and Cardiff Bay, the seat of the Welsh Assembly and a popular tourist area – and in addition across the bay to Penarth, a town popular with commuters.

Roberts envisages commuters cycling to the cable car, putting their bicycle in a rack on the gondolas and cycling on again when they reach their cable car stop.