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Campaigners back workplace parking levy to boost public transport

Words: Huw Morris

A levy on workplace parking similar to one introduced in Nottingham could help raise millions for public transport, according to sustainability campaigners.

The Nottingham levy, introduced in 2012, is an annual charge paid by employers in the city with more than 10 parking spaces.

It raises £9 million a year, which is used to finance the city’s public transport, including new tram lines, electric buses and the regeneration of the railway station.

The levy has been endorsed by Tracks, a new thought leadership programme backed by the Campaign for Better Transport.

“Other countries use a much wider range of means to finance their public transport, especially at local level,” said campaign chief executive Stephen Joseph.

“If barriers to new funding streams from property and local charging could be removed, this could help make new public transport schemes happen.”

Oxford and Cambridge are among other cities considering introducing similar parking levies.

Image credit | Matt Buck