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Cameron announces £15bn investment in infrastructure

Words: Laura Edgar

At the Confederation of British Industry (CBI) annual conference today, prime minister David Cameron outlined the government’s long-term road network investment plan.

The Roads Investment Strategy proposals will see the government invest in more than 100 projects in the Strategic Road Network over the next 10 years to create extra lane miles on motorways and trunk roads. In addition, the Roads Investment Strategy will improve the condition of UK roads.

The strategy is aimed at improving the lives of commuters and to back business and enterprise across the country to “help secure a better future for Britain.”

The Roads Investment Strategy includes improvements to:

·       A303 to the South West

·       A1 north of Newcastle

·       A1 Newcastle – Gateshead western bypass

·       Trans-Pennine roads in the North of England

·       A47 in the East of England

·       A27 on the South Coast

Speaking at the conference, the prime minister explained that to secure Britain’s future, world-class infrastructure would be needed to ensure that families can get around, businesses can create jobs and Britain can deliver economic security.

The Autumn Statement, due to be announced in three weeks' time, will see a bold road improvement programme as projects that have been stalled for several years are given the green light.

All infrastructure work, Cameron explained, will be underpinned by investment worth £15 billion.

Speaking to The Planner, John Cridland, CBI director-general, said: “This announcement puts welcome flesh on the bones of the National Infrastructure Plan, including £15 billion of much-needed, long-term investment. I am particularly pleased to see the prime minister responding to our call for an essential upgrade to the A303.

“Businesses will also want specific project funding plans and clear timescales for the delivery of this work.”