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Bishopdale slurry store approved in Yorkshire

Words: Laura Edgar
Site where Town Head Farm's new slurry store will be built / Yorkshire Dales National Park Authority

The Yorkshire Dales National Park Authority (YDNPA) has approved a dairy farmer’s application for the park’s largest circular slurry store, after the application was knocked back late in 2017.

The store is for Town Head Farm in Thoralby, which has 600 cows.

It will be nearly 41 metres in diameter and five metres in height, and will be able to hold six months’ worth of slurry. Concrete panels will be used to build the store, which will be built into the hillside at the north of the village. It will be screened by trees and the lie of the land.

The YDNPA’s planning committee hear earlier this week (10 April) that the store would result in environmental benefits. Farmer Michael Lancaster will no longer need to spread muck in the winter months, when high rainfall can cause run-off and river pollution. The muck will be able to be applied at the right time to match the nutrient uptake of the grass.

Ian McPherson, deputy chairman at the national park, said: “Getting permission to build a massive industrial structure high up on a hillside in a protected landscape was always going to be a challenge – and late last year a first set of plans was knocked back. The applicant listened to our concerns and came back with a fresh proposal. Despite its scale, the slurry store will be sensitively sited so that it should not have an intrusive impact on the visual quality of the landscape of Bishopdale.”

The applicant’s agent, John Akrigg of WBW Surveyors Ltd, said the granting of planning permission is a “good outcome that will allow the applicant to develop his farm business without detriment to the national park”.

Image credit | YDNPA