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Bicester 'eco-town' work starts

Words: Helen Bird
Bicester eco-town - artist's impression

Work has begun on a new 'eco-town' in Bicester, Oxfordshire, after its developer supplied nearly £200,000 for a new primary school.

The development is set to include 393 homes, in addition to the primary school, a shop, an 'eco-pub' and a community centre.
Developer A2Dominion has begun work on access roads. Housing construction is expected to start in the autumn.
Over the next 20 years, 6000 energy-efficient homes are planned to be constructed as part of the 'eco-town'.
The initial 393 homes are expected to be completed within four and a half years.
A2Dominion is said to be part-funding the whole project through a £3.5m infrastructure fund, and put up £190,909 towards the development's primary school.
Karen Curtin, director for Bicester at Cherwell District Council, described the school as one of the eco-town's "most important amenities".
North-west Bicester is one of four sites in England to be earmarked for this type of development.