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Belfast reveals ‘green and blue’ infrastructure blueprints

Words: Roger Milne
Custom House, Belfast / Shutterstock_790901530

Belfast City Council has started consulting on two new strategies to shape the long-term approach to planning, investment and management of the city’s parks and open spaces, rivers and lakes.

The Green and Blue Infrastructure Plan (GBIP) and Belfast Open Spaces Strategy (BOSS) cover the period 2019 to 2035.

The GBIP aims to ensure that vegetated areas (the green) and waterways (blue infrastructure) are planned strategically to maximise economic, social and environmental benefits in and around the conurbation’s urban areas.

The BOSS aims to protect, develop and improve access to good-quality open spaces to improve health and well-being, support urban wildlife and biodiversity, and encourage investment.

Both strategies are key to helping the city realise ambitious targets laid out in the Belfast Agenda, its community plan, and the local development plan. The plans will support the proposed One Million Trees project, which aims to see the trees planted in Belfast within the next 15 years.

Image credit | Shutterstock