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Belfast biogas plants hits the buffers

Words: Roger Milne
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This week Belfast City councillors have again deferred a decision on contentious plans for a £40 million biogas plant at the capital’s Giant’s Park.

This time the delay is to allow for ““finalisation of  refusal reasons”, the council’s press office confirmed to The Planner.

Power company Energia (formerly Viridian) is behind the proposal for an aerobic digestion plant on the North Foreshore that would turn organic waste into methane gas, which would be burned to generate electricity.

Planning officials have consistently recommended that the scheme should go-ahead. No government departments have objected to the proposals.
However, Belfast Harbour has described the plant as “incompatible” with its consented scheme to quadruple the size of its existing film studio complex next door.

And Giants Park Belfast Limited – the company chosen by the city council to deliver a £170 million leisure-led development on over 100 hectares of Giant’s Park – has warned that the construction of a biogas plant jeopardises its plans, still on the drawing board.

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