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Belfast bike rental scheme scoops sponsorship deal

Words: Roger Milne
Integrated transport / iStock_000045812604

Belfast’s public bike-hire scheme, modelled on London’s Boris Bike system, has secured a Coca-Cola Zero sponsorship deal.

The scheme will bring hundreds of bicycles into the city centre and encourage a healthier lifestyle.

The £300,000 deal over three years was unveiled this week by Lord Mayor, Councillor Nichola Mallon, and transport minister Danny Kennedy at Belfast City Hall.

Due to start in April, the scheme will be operated by NSL Services and the first phase will use 300 cycles and 30 docking stations positioned across the city centre - from the Odyssey Arena to Bradbury Place, from Millfield to Central Station and the Gasworks.

Coca-Cola Zero is the sponsor of four other bike-share schemes on the island of Ireland, including dublinbikes, which is now in its sixth year with more than 2.5 million journeys completed since 2011.