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Belfast’s local development plan makes progress

Words: Roger Milne

Formal public consultation has begun on how Belfast will develop over the period up to 2035.

Belfast City Council has taken the first steps to create the local development plan (LDP), which will guide investment and set out a framework for the use and protection of land across the city.

Once adopted, the council said the LDP would be used to guide and improve decision-making on planning applications.

The council has published a preferred options paper that highlights the need to identify land to support 46,000 new jobs, increase Belfast’s population by 66,000 and allocate land for 37,000 new homes.

The paper aims to complement the Belfast Agenda, the city’s first community plan to outline priority actions and programmes to ensure Belfast’s success.

The LDP will help determine where development and infrastructure proposals will be located and which areas will be protected. It will also indicate where tall buildings will be acceptable and ensure that developers provide so-called ‘green and blue networks’ close to new residential development.

In a separate but related move the council has invited expressions of interest for the city’s biggest development site – the 80-hectare northern and western portion of Giant’s Park North Foreshore. Commercial, leisure-led, mixed-use proposals are anticipated.

The preferred options paper and consultation can be found here.

Image credit | Shutterstock