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Applications submitted for major scheme near Sittingbourne 

Words: Huw Morris
Location of Highsted development

Two planning applications for a major scheme near Sittingbourne, including a new junction on to the M2, have been submitted to Swale Borough Council.

Quinn Estates, in partnership with Kent Science Park and a consortium of local landowners, is behind the proposal for Highsted Park.

The development comprises 9,250 homes, of which around 2,775 will be affordable. Besides the proposed M2 junction, the scheme includes a new southern relief road and the completion of the northern relief road, four primary schools, a secondary school, 210 hectares of parks and outdoor space, a state-of-the-art sports hub for Sittingbourne FC and health facilities.

“The final proposal for 9,250 homes, the expansion of the science park and the delivery of significant strategic, community and environmental infrastructure has been shaped by significant consultation, which included the delivery of two virtual engagements during the extended UK pandemic restrictions,” said Quinn Estates development director Ben Geering.

“This is the only scheme coming forward in the borough that provides significant air quality benefits, addresses strategic infrastructure needs and  delivers positive housing and economic growth potential to the wider Swale area and to Sittingbourne in particular.

“A fundamental part of the scheme is the delivery of a new, privately funded, junction 5a on the M2; more than 100,000 people utilise the existing junction so what’s needed is an approach that provides for a new link road capacity, and for this significant infrastructure to be delivered at the outset. As a principal town, Sittingbourne has just one connection to the strategic road network and this development unlocks the true potential of Sittingbourne.

“This will also underpin the key to future growth at Kent Science Park, which serves more than 90 companies and thousands of people, by creating better access from the motorway and connectivity to Sittingbourne rail station.”

Image credit | Quinn Estates