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Application is submitted to ‘breathe new life’ into Wandsworth estate

Words: Laura Edgar
Alton Green / Redrow

A planning application for the regeneration of the 31-acre Alton Estate, Roehampton, has been submitted to Wandsworth Council.

The proposals would see 1,103 homes delivered, including 256 new and replacement affordable homes. The homes have been designed to be energy-efficient and for flexible long-term use.

All secure council tenants will be offered a new home at the development, named Alton Green, while resident leaseholders and freeholders will be offered the opportunity to buy a new home on the estate through a shared equity scheme.

Housebuilder Redrow is the council’s development partner, chosen after a competition in 2016. The firm has pledged to create a range of jobs, training and apprenticeships for the local community.

The application also proposes two ‘interlinking’ neighbourhoods that comprise a range of amenities. The urban quarter would feature a new village square and multipurpose building that will host the new Roehampton Library, a health centre space to rehouse the BASE Youth Club and a community hall. The retail area would include a convenience food store and range of new and replacement shop units. New office accommodation would also be provided.

Additionally, a new community hub within the Parkland Quarter would host the new Eastwood Nursery School Centre for Children & Families, alongside health, retail and residents’ facilities. The masterplan also seeks to preserve Downshire Field and establish a wildflower meadow to encourage biodiversity.

Ravi Govindia, leader of Wandsworth Council, said: “Alton regeneration will deliver more than new homes, it will re-energise Roehampton and provide state-of-the-art community facilities that will benefit the Roehampton community and wider Wandsworth.

“Regeneration of the Alton Estate will also offer opportunities for people to train, learn new skills and improve their general well-being. We want to ensure that people of all backgrounds can fulfil their ambitions in Wandsworth and that is why this regeneration programme and partnership is so important.”

Mark Parker, managing director at Redrow East London, explained that Redrow has worked closely with Wandsworth Council and the local community, building on earlier engagement to develop a set of proposals that “will breathe new life into Alton Estate”.

“The area has a strong cultural identity and a number of important heritage buildings that we have taken into consideration during the design process. The new homes will be delivered in accordance with the design code that has taken inspiration from the modernist buildings of Alton West and the Victorian streetscape of Roehampton village.”

Image credit | Redrow