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Appeals round-up: Wording of revised NPPF protects pub from conversion; Driving test centre run from hotel room can continue

Words: Matt Moody
Planning appeals

A round-up of planning appeals: 10 November-16 November 2018

Wording of revised NPPF protects pub from conversion

An inspector has refused plans for the residential conversion of a pub in the Gloucestershire countryside, citing the revised wording of the new NPPF regarding the retention of community facilities.

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Driving test centre run from hotel room can continue

A driving test centre operating from a hotel in Bromley can continue for another 12 months, an inspector has ruled, calling the facility ‘an important public service’.

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'Sweat equity' makes rural worker's dwelling viable

An inspector has approved plans for a rural worker's dwelling at an equestrian business in Shropshire, accepting the appellant's argument that 'sweat equity' would lower the build cost of the house to a viable level.

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375-home scheme would harm Aylesbury Vale landscape

An inspector has blocked plans for 375 homes near the village of Stoke Mandeville, ruling that the scheme’s benefits could not outweigh the unacceptable harm it would cause to the surrounding designated landscape.

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Council must pay costs for using 'emotive language' in refusal

Sunderland City Council behaved unreasonably in citing antisocial behaviour fears when refusing the conversion of a former HMO to class C2 use, an inspector has ruled, because it used 'emotive language' to defend its position.

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Previously recovered 600-home Salford scheme rejected again

Housing secretary James Brokenshire has refused plans for 600 homes on ‘green wedge’ land near Salford, after his predecessor Eric Pickles’ 2015 dismissal of the scheme was quashed by the High Court.

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Appellant’s defence of illegal bedsits was ‘deeply unconvincing’

An enforcement notice has been upheld against a builder who argued ‘unconvincingly’ that the four poor-quality self-contained bedsits he had built in his rear garden were for the use of himself, his wife and their two adult children.

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Oxfordshire housing deal adds weight to refusal of 245-home scheme

An inspector has blocked plans for 245 homes on unallocated land near the Chilterns AONB, citing the Oxfordshire housing deal and its 'key objective' of 'avoiding speculative and unplanned development'.

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Design panel comments outweigh policy in 527-bed student scheme

An inspector has approved plans for student accommodation in Guildford with a capacity of 553 students despite non-compliance with local design policy, in light of a recommendation from the design review panel Design: South East.

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