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Appeals round-up: Whisky regulations justify distillery’s extended opening hours; ‘Agricultural machinery store’ is not an agricultural use

Words: Matt Moody
Planning appeals

A round-up of planning appeals: 6 October-12 October, 2018

Whisky regulations justify distillery’s extended opening hours

An inspector has allowed an award-winning distillery in the Lake District to extend the opening hours of its restaurant because whisky regulations have caused the business to operate at a loss while its produce matures.

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‘Agricultural machinery store’ is not an agricultural use

An ‘agricultural machinery store’ at a listed walled garden in Hertfordshire would not amount to an agricultural use, an inspector has ruled, and would be inappropriate in the green belt.

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Bronze statue of local businessman is ‘incongruous’

An inspector has refused retrospective permission for a bronze statue of a recently deceased local businessman in Paddington, calling it ‘discordant and incongruous’ despite its ‘high-quality detailing’.

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Appellant’s settlement boundary criticism is ‘far from convincing’

An inspector has dismissed plans for eight homes in rural Norfolk, rejecting the appellant’s argument that the council’s settlement boundaries policy conflicted with national guidance.

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Inspector praises ‘human scale’ of 48-storey tower

An inspector has approved plans for a 48-storey residential skyscraper on the Isle of Dogs that will provide 332 new homes, describing it as ‘a design of the highest architectural quality’ that would be ‘clearly articulated to human scale’.

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World heritage site concerns halt Derbyshire factory expansion

The housing secretary has blocked major plans for the expansion of a Derbyshire boiler factory plus additional housing and office space, citing harm to the nearby Derwent Valley Mills world heritage site.

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Brent ‘micro flats’ enforcement notice quashed

An inspector has quashed an enforcement notice issued by Brent Council against a family-sized home in Neasden that was allegedly converted into six self-contained flats owing to lack of evidence.

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Costs awarded over near-duplicate self-build scheme

An appellant must pay costs for seeking permission for self-build housing a year after applying for ‘residential development’ consent on the same site, after an inspector found the two schemes were ‘in essence the same’.

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