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Appeals round-up: Wartime demolition does not justify green belt home; Hertfordshire sheltered housing scheme refused for poor design

Words: Matt Moody
Planning appeals

A round-up of planning appeals: 5 May-11 May, 2018

Wartime demolition does not justify green belt home

An inspector has rejected plans to ‘replace' a house near Solihull that was demolished in 1941 as part of the war effort with a new dwelling, finding unacceptable harm to the green belt.

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Hertfordshire sheltered housing scheme refused for poor design

An inspector has rejected plans to replace four large homes in Kings Langley with a 40-unit sheltered housing block, concluding that the scheme ‘would not amount to good design’.

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Historic hospital site in green belt not ‘previously developed’

An inspector has refused a residential scheme on the site of a former isolation hospital near Barnsley because the land has been ‘given over to vegetation’ and cannot be considered ‘previously developed’.

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Eton clubhouse approved in ‘high-risk’ flood zone

An inspector has granted permission for a timber clubhouse in the grounds of Eton College on land subject to ‘a high probability of flooding’.

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Landscape harm seals fate of 430-home Durham scheme

An inspector has turned down a major housing scheme near Sedgefield because of ‘serious harm’ to the character of the area, despite ruling that the landscape could not be considered ‘valued’ under NPPF paragraph 109.

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Scottish Government approves 1,400 homes near Edinburgh Airport

Scottish Government reporters have signalled their intention to allow an appeal over a 1,400-home development near Edinburgh Airport, rejected a year ago by city councillors on the advice of officers.

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‘Market will decide’ fate of Devon cattle market site

An inspector has rejected plans for 55 homes on a former cattle market in Devon allocated in the emerging local plan for a food store, despite landowner Tesco’s decision to withdraw its plans for a new store.

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Social effects of gambling are ‘a government matter’, rules inspector

An inspector has approved an ‘adult gaming centre’ in Willesden Green despite strong local opposition, stating that it is ‘a matter for national government’ to address the generalised social issues associated with gambling.

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