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Appeals round-up: Visual impact of Carsluith wind turbines underplayed; Condition upheld on replacement dwelling decision

Planning appeals

A round-up of appeal decisions: 16 July-22 July, 2016

Visual impact of Carsluith wind turbines underplayed

A reporter has refused permission for seven wind turbines and associated works in the village of Carsluith near Creetown, Scotland, after finding that the appellant’s Environmental Statement (ES) played down the magnitude of the effect the scheme would have on the Galloway Hills Regional Scenic Area.

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Permitted development compliance proved in barn conversion case

The change of use of two barns and their curtilage to residential dwellings in Stockwood, Bristol, has been approved after an inspector ruled that sufficient evidence had been provided to demonstrate sole agricultural use within the time frames, in line with the General Permitted Development Order 2015 (GDPO).

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Essex dwellings refused owing to rural setting impact

Gladman Developments has been refused permission for 110 dwellings and a doctor’s surgery in Bicknacre, Essex, after an inspector decided that the scheme’s location outside of the settlement boundary would harm the character and appearance of the village.

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Castlederg wind turbine noise assessment deemed faulty

Permission has been refused for a 250 kilowatt wind turbine in Castlederg, County Tyrone, after a commissioner found multiple faults with the appellant’s noise impact assessment.

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Condition upheld on replacement dwelling decision

An inspector has upheld a condition that requires that a dwelling in Little Totham, Essex, should be demolished before occupation of a new consented dwelling could begin, after ruling that retention of the existing dwelling would constitute an unsustainable form of development.

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Kennel owner’s mobile home deemed unnecessary

An inspector has approved the continued use of a former storage building as a dog kennels in East Tuddenham, Norfolk, but dismissed the application for a mobile home on site after ruling that an essential need had not been proved.

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Caravan park would not harm living conditions

A caravan park development for 21 touring caravans/recreational vehicles has been allowed in Clitheroe, Lancashire, despite the scheme receiving more than 160 objections.

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Hostel extension would lead to harmful sense of enclosure

Permission has been refused for a 151-room hostel in Hackney, London, after an inspector found that the height of the proposed building would harm the living conditions of local residents and the amenity of the area.

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