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Appeals round-up: Village pub saved from conversion after 100 objections; 120-home Worcestershire scheme approved under tilted balance

Words: Matt Moody
Planning appeals

A round-up of planning appeals: 11 - 17 September, 2021

Village pub saved from conversion after 100 objections

Plans to convert a village pub near Swansea into a home have been blocked by an inspector, who found that serving meals might broaden the pub's appeal, despite another establishment less than a kilometre away already offering food.

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120-home Worcestershire scheme approved under tilted balance

Planning permission has been granted for a major housing scheme near a Worcestershire village despite its conflict with policies to resist building outside of development boundaries.

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No policy conflict from industrial units

A plan to build four industrial units with offices on land not allocated for employment in Northamptonshire has been approved after an inspector found the proposal would not conflict with local policy.

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Welsh minister overrules inspector to refuse solar farm

Welsh rural affairs minister Lesley Griffiths has refused plans for a solar farm between Cardiff and Newport that would have powered 32,000 homes for 40 years against the advice of an inspector, citing harm to the Gwent Levels designated landscape.

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Historic clifftop tearoom's conversion to holiday let blocked

A tearoom atop the White Cliffs of Dover that was used as a secret radar bunker during the Second World War cannot be converted into a holiday let with manager's accommodation, an inspector has ruled, citing potential harm to the 'bleak' and 'vulnerable' landscape.

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New football stadium and homes would 'create sense of place'

Non-league football club Cheshunt FC's plans to build a 2,000 seat stadium and 163 homes as part of a 'sports village' can go ahead, an inspector has ruled, commenting that the development would be of 'high quality design'.

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Revised Epsom Hospital care community scheme approved

The redevelopment of land formerly owned by Epsom General Hospital to create a 300-home 'care community' can go ahead, an inspector has ruled, deciding after a six-day inquiry that an amended version of the scheme was acceptable.

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